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Dear Club/Team,

As an England Accredited football club, we pride ourselves for the positive environment we offer to the community and existing members. That said, thank you for considering in joining our forthcoming charity event (Community Shield), and so we welcome you into our friendly club. On this note, part of the application you must complete the tournament agreement form (below),

Moreover, thank you for supporting this event, which you are aware is for good cause, and so donations raised on the day by the community will generously go to charity. Therefore, your generosity and support on the day will be sincerely appreciated. Aside, while we are delighted to have you all, we need you to be aware of some important information listed below.


This prestigious competition will operate in a 6v6 format, with a maximum of 10 players. The contest will begin with teams competing within a group stage, with a number (subject to number of entries) of teams qualifying for the knock-out phase. Each game will last an estimated 10 minutes per game. In the group stage, teams can earn 3 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

Final group standings will be determined by the number of points gained across all the games taken place; followed by goal-difference and number of goals scored. If teams contesting for significant places are still level within the table, a penalty shoot-out will be employed to determine the winner for the specific and desired position.

In the knock-out phase, should the teams be level at the final whistle, the game will go to a shoot-out (3 x kicks per team [penalty-kicks to be taken with only a single step allowed]), followed by a sudden death to decide the winner.

Please note that all playing participants (including the GK) are allowed inside and outside the penalty area, and so contrasting the traditional 5-aside rules. Additionally, throw-in, corner kick and back-pass rules will apply similarly as the standard 11-aside rules. Lastly, the ball is allowed to be at any height during a game, and so secluding any ball-height restrictions.

Registration and Subscription, Community Shield 2024

Having developed a better understanding of the environment your club/team is entering, you must complete and sign the tournament agreement form (below), and submit along with the competition entry fee; this payment can be made in three separate instalments (£40 by 2ⁿᵈ June, £40 by 9ᵗʰ June, and £20 by 16ᵗʰ June).


The instalments can be completed via cash or bank-transfer to your designated tournament rep. Albeit, please ensure that this is achieved before the deadline and prior to attending the event. This package will translate that no further competition fees are to be paid during the event.

Finally, we look forward to having you with us, and wish you and your team the best of luck.

Yours sincerely,

Juyel Hussain

FC Wood Green, Director

T: +44 7487 536 678




  • Arrive half-hour before the start of the event and five minutes prior your scheduled game(s) to allow for a smooth operation.

  • Note that only team members (e.g., coaches/staff and players) are allowed beyond the pitch barriers. Therefore, all spectators must remain outside the barrier.

  • Team/players to act appropriately in and around the whole environment (both on and off the field), accompanied setting a positive example to your peers and all the members present.

  • Take care of the facilities by ensuring that no litter is left behind across the whole venue, whether that be on the field of play, off the field, the changing rooms, toilets, etc.

  • Respect all decisions made by the officials (referees or committee members), and no negative interference should be made of how the event is operating.

  • Recognise and applaud all good play. Input of negative criticism towards others will not be tolerated, unless delivered in a constructive manner.

  • Take care of your equipment, as any lost property will be at your own risk.

  • Reinforce the friendly atmosphere and the positive message for inclusivity.


Thank you for submitting!

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