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FC Wood Green was founded and established in 2020, through our passion for providing people with access to a high-quality and well-rounded experience in football and sport as a whole.

As an 'Accredited' club and having set long-term plans, FC Wood Green are a club with exciting ambitions to reach new levels and heights, in particular towards the community and the different under-represented groups. Currently we have two men's senior teams and a youth section; whereby the men's 'First XI' compete in the Middlesex County League (Div 1 central/east [step 8]), the men's Sunday Team competing in the Hackney & Leyton League, and the youth development team(s) participating in the North London Youth League.

We are known to offer an inclusive, friendly and social environment to allow players or coaches to develop with a smile on their faces. Each and every person is different, and during trials, conventional team training sessions or competitive games, true talent can be overlooked through various mis-judged reasons. That being said, at FCWG we allow people an opportunity to express themselves and to be recognised.

Central to our genuine efforts, as a community we
have come together to produce a programme that aims to improve what we do and how we do it, with a particular focus on equality and diversity. Within this programme, the community work collaboratively to share the good practices we have in place, while also seeking to improve upon these.


Our person-centred approach serves to develop an individual's confidence, independence, and cognitive understanding. We have consistently delivered high-quality standards through our specialist staff; gaining a reputation for ensuring each individual is able to reach their full potential, and positively contributing to society. Thus, we have identified that if you seed something in your brain, visualise this and you really want it, you can do it.



Thank you for visiting our website and supporting FC WOOD GREEN in continuing to deliver an engaging and enriching experience for all.

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