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Are you looking for extra football coaching? Whether you are a player, a team or a group of friends, our online coaching sessions are designed to boost players' confidence, improve their technical skills, enhance their tactical understanding and develop their physical capabilities. See below for more details or Register Now.

At FC Wood Green, our UEFA licence, SAQ and FA-qualified coaches seek to improve a participant’s neural motor skills, coordination and performance with a range of Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) drills, accompanied by a series of game-specific exercises.

Every person is different, and during trials, conventional team training sessions or competitive games, true talent can be overlooked (through various mis-judged reasons). However, with our One-2-One sessions there are no gaps in one's learning, and therefore we tailor each development plan to suit players' needs, and encourage their development at a pace they are comfortable with.

We design our training to accommodate players of all ages, genders and abilities, including; beginners, intermediate players looking to take on fresh skills, and elite performers ready to move to the next level. We want our football enthusiasts to enjoy their training, so they are better equipped to develop socially, psychologically and physically; therefore, to provide them with the necessary skills required in other areas of their lives.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Initial player assessment to fully understand level of ability

  • Development programme designed to meet players' requirements

  • Training sessions that are structured, exciting and fulfilling

  • Written feedback and action plans for you to enjoy at home

  • Courses delivered by UEFA licence, FA-qualified and goalkeeper coaches

  • Coaches with professional football experience in countries including; Italy, Spain, USA, Netherlands, and the UK.

To enquire, Click Here or WhatsApp us on 07487536678.

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