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Clubs/Players must initially go through a trial phase in order to experience any of our international programmes.

At FCWG, we personalise and arrange every aspect of customised itineraries for teams or groups of all ages and genders. That said, we strive on bringing football teams from all over the world to participate in the world’s greatest game; while breaking down the barriers of language, culture and geography. In addition, we provide an environment which will allow your team to experience a magical and memorable travel adventure. See below for more details.

Considering a trip to Italy, Spain, the UK, or the US? Our huge network of contacts across the globe and the specially designed programs will offer a number of fantastic opportunities, such as; playing with or against professional academy teams, receiving expert training, learning different footballing philosophies (of the respective club and country), and potentially having yourself identified as a future prospect!

Here’s what we offer:

  • Exhibition friendly game against strong opposition (professional, semi-professional, or amateur)

  • Daily training sessions at exceptional training facilities

  • VIP insight into the training methods and science behind the player-development models of the respective club

  • VIP experience of sports stadium and training complex tours

  • Ticket for a live professional football game

  • Accommodation in a fantastic hotel (meals included)

  • Transportation consisting of transfers across airport, sports grounds and events

  • English, Spanish and Italian speaking guide allocated to your team (depending on the country of tour)

  • An environment allowing you to enjoy the vibrant life, the beauty and the culture of various different cities and countries.

To find out more, select your desired destination (see below), of which are exclusive to FCWG.





To enquire, Click Here or WhatsApp us on 07487536678.

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