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Clubs/Players must initially go through a trial phase in order to experience any of our international programmes.

This residential program at Chievo Verona will provide young players the opportunity to live at the famous ''Bottagisio Sport Center'' (home of Chievo Verona Academy) for an extended period of time. During this period, players will follow a specific training program designed for international players to study and learn the Italian approach. Players will be trained in line with the Chievo Verona methodolgy by the academy coaches, professional strength & conditioning trainers, and specialist speed & agility trainers. Having said that, players will live in a professional environment, whereby they will be required to act accordingly (e.g. behaving in a professional manner, and maintaining an athletes diet).


To enquire, Click Here or WhatsApp us on 07487536678.

To learn more about the Bottagisio Sport Center, click on the image below.

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