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We would like to share that Juyel (Jay), our club Director/Founder has just received an invitation from The English Football Association (The FA) to play at Wembley Stadium, on Monday 4th December '23.

In his words "The opportunity to play on the hallowed Wembley turf is a dream come true..."

When you do something you love your whole life and you stick to it (without seeking extrinsic rewards, but rather for intrinsic rewards), things happen for you.

There's a saying in Italian ''La bellezza della situazione non programmata''..... Our Italian brothers and sisters will know exactly what we're talking about...

Anyone wishing to attend the match, we can gain you 'free' access in to the stadium — Just reach out and we'll get back to you as soon as entry details/tickets are received.

To enquire, Click Here or WhatsApp us on 07487536678.

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