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Dear Parents/Carers,


As an England accredited football club, we pride ourselves for the positive environment we offer to the community and existing members. That being said, thank you for considering in joining FC Wood Green, and so we welcome you into our friendly club. While we are delighted to have you all, we need you to be aware of some important information (see below).


In the forthcoming season, we will compete in the North London Youth League, with all fixtures on Sundays, and kick-off times varying between 9:30am to 2pm. All home fixtures will take place at Orchardside School, Bullsmoor Lane, Enfield EN1 4RL, 9:30am kick-off time; whilst, venues and distances for away fixtures will vary across the north London region.


During the competitive season, training sessions will take place every Thursday, 6pm at The Latymer School. Attending these sessions will provide your child(s) with relevant information; such as the structure of the club’s vision, the building of team cohesion, and exercises that will support players’ development. That being said, all players will receive professional coaching from the club’s UEFA B licence coach, and as a result concluding the season with enhanced physical development, better understanding of the game, increasing levels of maturity from a psychological aspect, and a much-improved technical ability.

Registration and Subscription, 2024/2025

Having developed a better understanding of the environment your child(s) is entering, you must complete and sign the club agreement form (overleaf), and return along with an annual membership/subscription fee; this payment can be made in three separate instalments (£150 by 31ˢᵗ August, £150 by 30ᵗʰ September, and £100 by 31ˢᵗ October). This package will translate that no fees are to be paid during Thursday training sessions and league/cup fixtures up to April 2024. The matchday kit, training wear, and if/any additional training sessions/fixtures will require a separate fee(s).

Finally, we look forward to working with your child(s) this season, and wish them the best of luck.


Many Thanks,

Juyel Hussain

FC Wood Green, Director

T: 07947 222 058




  • Arrive for training/fixtures in good time to prepare thoroughly

  • Behave appropriately in and around all sessions, accompanied setting a positive example to your peers

  • Football education and consideration of others learning must be taken seriously during all sessions

  • Work equally hard for both yourself and the team, and ultimately all parties will benefit

  • Respect all decisions made by the coach, and no negative interference should be made of how the club is operating

  • Inform the coach of any injury as soon as possible

  • Inform your line manager if you are to be late for a session, and/or if you need to leave the site early

  • Inform your line manager if you are unable to attend a session, with good notice

  • Recognise and applaud all good play. Input of negative criticism towards others will not be tolerated, unless delivered in a constructive manner

  • Be a good sport – succeed with modesty and accept setbacks with dignity

  • Treat your students and colleagues with respect, and as you would wish to be treated

  • Never abuse or insult match officials during games in any way, to avoid cautions and fines

  • Thank officials and parents/carers after competition/sessions, whilst praising your peers

  • Take care of your equipment

  • Respect barriers to be used at all home games

  • Reinforce to players and parents of the positive environment that we strive to create

  • After each session/fixture, reflect on your performance and how/what you can do to get better.


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